Truen wire technology

Technology for producing cement roofing containing asbestos has not been studied development in Vietnam ’90s and early 2000s based on technology Hatcheck. After a period of study, PVA fiber has been tested successfully by the mechanical properties of the fibers special, this is the best synthetic fibers to replace asbestos fibers.

In 2007, the first test line was installed in Hai Duong Province, North Vietnam.


Until now, the lines and equipment produced by Vietnam was completed on technology, particularly automation controls. The latest version of this line with the level of automation is very high.


The latest version is installed in Hung Yen province (Vietnam), in which the entire process as volume, quantified as measuring and controlling the thickness, internal transport … totally free study 100%.



Lines and equipment non-asbestos production has been promoted for export to foreign markets such as Southeast Asia, West Asia and East North Africa. Lines are designed, manufactured to suit each specific requirement of the customer.



Besides providing synchronous line equipment also technology transfer services, installation instructions, operation.